"McClelland and motivational needs theory"

A psychologist, David McClelland pioneered the idea of achievement-based motivational theory and promoted improvements in employee assessment methods. He described three types of it in his book, called, The Achieving Society (1961).

  • Achievement Motivation (n-ach)

A person with strong motivational need for achievement will seek to reach realistic and challenging goals and job advancements.

  • Authority/Power Motivation (n-pow)

The desire to control others is a powerful motivating force - the need to be influential, effective and to make an impact.

  • Affiliation Motivation (n-affil)

The person with need for affiliation as the strongest driver is motivated towards interaction with other people

Process TheoriesEdit

Process theories emphasize how and why people choose certain behaviours in order to meet their personal goals and the thought processes that influence behaviour. It studies what people are thinking about when they decide whether or not to put effort into a particular activity.

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