Motivation is the internal and external factors that influence people to take actions that lead to achieving a goal. In business, motivation means the desire of workers to see a job done quickly and well.

Best-Motivated Workers for the Best Business Edit

The best-motivated workers will help their company to achieve its objective as effectively as possible. Besides that, they will also try to reach their own personal goals in working in the business. Having best-motivated workers in a business will help a lot, it will have good impacts on the business.

  • First, because motivation levels have a direct impact on the level of productivity and also the competitiveness of the business. The more motivated the workers are, the higher the level of productivity and more products will be produced in a shorter period of time, if the business produces products.
  • Second, the costs of of labour turnover will be reduced, due to the workers that keen to stay with the firm when they are motivated.
  • Third, motivated workers will more likely to offer useful suggestions and contribute to improve the business.
  • Fourth, motivated workers will often actively seek promotion and responsibility. They will be responsible in whatever they do in the business.

Those are all the four benefits that have an impact on the efficiency of a business.

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Say NO to Unmotivated WorkersEdit

Unmotivated workers will be reluctant to perform their jobs and will only achieve minimum of the company’s expectations. They will not work really hard for the business and only give enough efforts to achieve minimum of the business' expectations, and not give the best effort for the business in order to help the business improve.

This is why, every businesses needs motivated workers in order to achieve their goals successfully and satisfyingly.

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